House League

The Newmarket Squash Club House league is a long standing tradition on Tuesday & Wednesday nights, whereby teams compete for court supremacy. Games are scheduled by each set of players and the scores are entered via Member's Area of this website.

House League accomodates players of all abilities, as each team is assigned a player across each of the 5 defined levels (A, B, C, D & E).

In addition to providing a quality, pre-scheduled match every week House League is also provides a great social atmosphere with a large percentage of members being in attendance thorughout the evening.

The finals are held at the end of each session and a victorious team is always crowned at a social dinner at the club.

House League sessions are run during the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.


The Newmarket Squash Club has a least two tournaments a year. The Championship Tournament is always a challenging event for each skill level. Prizes, raffels and food are always part of this event.

The Handicap Tournament is a fun event that allows players of all skill levels to compete and play together. This event is a club favourite and is very challenging for the high-level players.

Match Play

Match play can occur at any time of the day. If you have a partner, and a booked court, you can play squash.  If there are three of you, feel free to play cut-throat, a fun three person game. If there are more of you, why not play a few small round-robin games. The more the merrier.

Ladder Play

What is a Ladder?

A ladder is a group of players who are rank ordered in level of ability. This rank ordered ladder is always changing as different people defeat players who are ranked higher than themselves and subsequently take their ranked spot. It is a fantastic way to meet and play with new and different players, as well as become motivated to improve your individual game.

Who Can Play?

Anyone! The ladder is open to all levels of players. Upon signing up, you will be ranked, and from there, you will be able to rise in ranking or fall, depending on whether you win or lose your challenge matches.

Challenges are made online and the challenger and challengee receive emails to notify them of when they need to play the match by.