A King has been Crowned!

Scott Croucher wins the 2010 fall handicapped tournament! He slayed the mighty Mike McCarthy!!

Specially thanks to the consolation side players as well as Jeff Day for the exceptional food!

Be sure to check out the pictures in the gallery.

As for the Cut-Throat Tourny

Well it was a long, hard fought battle.

All the kings proved their worth by taking at least one match (Chris G, Nick, Jeff, Steve K, Scott W).

Chris G and Steve K sort of "Tanked out" after 1 win each. Nick Lippa went on to win 2 and Jeff Day powered all the way up to 3 wins (AKA the "Fin de la Monde"). In the end it was Scott Woodard who took 1 game early, then went on a 4 game streak to capture the coveted title: KING OF THE COURT

Congrat's Scott for perfecting the art of sand-bagging the first round, then kicking it into high gear for the final!!!

Good squash all! And good fun.
Check out the pictures in the gallery.

The regular handicap matches start now so check the schedule at the club to see who you play.

Both tourneys brought to you by:
And YNRC ~ the best squash club in Newmarket!!!!