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*NOTE: Please know that the online payment functionality is currently being reviewed and will be made available shortly. Please stay tuned or speak to the Treasurer for more information.

Membership rates are based on the full season starting from August 15th of the current year (This September is the official start of each season).

Prices include HST (13%)

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$300/ year

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    Over 65? Anyone can join at any time.
I want to play squash at any time of the day! yes yes  
I want to play in house league and the tournaments yes yes  
I want to be involved in social functions at the club yes yes yes
I want to play pool, darts, sauna and BBQ. yes yes yes
I only want to watch squash! (quality not guaranteed)     yes
I want to be able to pay in instalments or with a monthly credit card. yes yes yes
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*A seasoned member must be at least 65 years of age to qualify.


  • Monthly Payments: The club accepts pre-authorized credit card payments. We invite you to take advantage of this option but you will not be able to enjoy the savings of early lump-sum payment. This method runs for 1 calendar year from the time you sign-up.
  • Social Members: The board would like to encourage social membership. Any adult male can join the club as a social member and does not need to have been a member previously (as was required in years past).
  • Senior’s Discounts: Discounts will be provided to seniors (65+) as per the above.


This is a great opportunity to reach out to those past members that you know to catch-up and let them know about this promotion so we can get them back into the best club in Newmarket! (New showers, new paint, new projector, same great guys!)

Please feel free to pass this great offer on to your friends, family, colleagues, one-and-all.


Ask us about different ways to pay.