The Newmarket Squash Club currently has:

  • 2 well maintained North American style squash courts
  • A spacious & clean change room with personal lockers
  • Newly renovated shower & bathroom area with a sauna
  • Comfortable terraced viewing for both courts, 
  • Plush leather chairs and couches, 
  • 2 new HD, flat-screen TVs equipped with satellite, 
  • A new pool table and dart board,
  • Online Court Booking and fabulous new website,
  • 2 computer terminals along with wireless internet access, 
  • A kitchen with a fridge and sink,
  • A BBQ,
  • Water fountain and two beverage vending machines,
  • Seasonal, organized House League (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer)

See our photo gallery for some additional visuals.

Exclusive Events such as

  • the annual, prestigious 'Club Championship' and,
  • Semi-annual, always enjoyable, Handicap Tournament, 
  • The Annual Golf Tournament
  • The 'Fat Boys' weight challenge and banquet.